Driven by an ESG-centric philosophy and desire for responsible performance

The Impact of Food

Food is unique in its impact – it’s tied to health & wellbeing, long-term livability of the planet and economic growth. What we pay for food as consumers does not reflect its true in terms of its cost on health. The challenges are complex and growing but represent an opportunity to build a safer, more nutritious and more sustainable food system.

Our global need for food, food nutrition, and food safety is a significant force on the advancement of the world’s population and our planet. Unlike any other element of daily life, the delivery of food plays a mission-critical role in promoting Public Health, Personal Health, and Planetary Health.

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Food Safety

Promoting access & meeting consumer demand for nutritious food, which is the foundation of health and is essential for living a quality life.

Ensuring efficient & sustainable production of food for resilient food chain that protects the long-term health & livability of the planet.

Preventing foodborne illness and manipulation through safe foods.

“Food is the single strongest lever to optimize human and environmental health on earth.”

- EAT-Lancet Commission, 2021*

Our ESG Focus

The links between food & health is embedded in our purpose and investment strategy and is core to who we are.

We contribute to healthy and resilient food supply chains to achieve positive outcomes for our investors, companies, society & planet. We engage regularly with our portfolio investments on their most material ESG themes and factors where we can have the most impact to drive value and reduce risk:

Advancing Sustainability

Sustainable Growth Through A Transition To Healthier, Safer, And More Responsible Production

  • Waste Management
  • Food Quality & Safety
  • Materials & Supply Chain Sourcing
  • Energy Usage

Securing Populations

More Engaged And Inclusive Workplaces With Stronger Community Ties

  • Employee Safety
  • Engagement & Retention
  • Training & Development
  • Promotion of Inclusion

Driving Strong Governance

The Foundations For Transparent And Resilient Growth Companies

  • Board Structure
  • Transparency & Reporting
  • Management Compensation
  • Risk Management

Full-Cycle ESG Integration

Tilia’s ESG focus is fully integrated with our investment process, with a focus on long-term company, environmental, and societal value creation.

We invest in companies that are working to enhance safety, nutrition and sustainability across the global food chain.  At every step, we partner with our management teams to create stronger, more responsible companies by investing in people & relationships, capabilities, communities and customers.


It is important that we invest in companies where we feel our expertise will be truly additive. Identifying ESG-related opportunities as part of our value creation plans and evaluating our ESG metrics during the underwriting process creates meaningful up-front alignment.

After Close

We communicate with our portfolio teams from the start by stabilizing and augmenting the organization and embedding ESG in the company’s long-term growth strategy.


We believe ESG is guided by the “G,” and we have a formalized quarterly program of review with ESG factors as an integral component.

Execute Value
Creation Plan

We focus on a finite set of priorities during our stewardship that create value and reduce risk, consistently measuring our progress against rigorous standards.

Build To Exit

Ultimately, our goal is to exit from more resilient, higher performing companies that contribute to global health, safety and sustainability.

*Please see here for more information regarding the EAT-Lancet Commission report. Tilia did not participate in the findings of this report.