Founded In 2017,
Our Roots Trace Back to the Early Days of Private Equity.

Tilia is a hybrid. Our business model combines operating, strategic, financial, and governance expertise collaborating at parity. It is the extension of a successful investment strategy developed, implemented and continuously improved over more than three decades. It was first developed by Eric in the 1990s as the co-founder and senior investment professional at First Chicago Equity Capital (now One Equity Partners) and further developed and refined at Linden Capital Partners, a healthcare focused middle-market private equity firm, which he co-founded in 2002.

Til·​ia \ˈtilēə\

:the scientific genus of Linden trees is a popular shade tree hybrid that comprises a diversity of species in temperate zones around the world. These trees are highly functional and have long been used in food, medicines, and wood products.


Eric Larson, co-founder of First Chicago Equity Capital (now One Equity Partners), develops and hones a sector-focused investment approach.



Eric establishes Linden Life Sciences, an idea that would grow into Linden Capital Partners, a healthcare-focused middle market private equity firm. Eric served as Chairman, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Linden until 2017.



Johannes Burlin serves as President and CEO of Advanced Bioscience Laboratories, a biomedical R&D and manufacturing company focused on human retroviral diseases and Mérieux Alliance Company. Johannes previously served as Vice President of Business Development for the Mérieux Group located in Lyon, France.



Johannes serves as the President of Silliker Labs North America, a world leader in food safety and quality testing services.



Eric makes initial investment in Safe Foods International Holdings, a provider of food safety and product innovation services to large, multinational food companies.



Johannes joins Safe Foods as President in October 2013, and Eric and Johannes serve as Operating Partners and Principals of Safe Food.



Eric and Johannes successfully exit Safe Foods to a strategic acquirer after enhancing its market position, doubling revenue and growing profitability.



Tilia is established as a hybrid platform, founded on a philosophy of parity between the principals’ operating, strategic, financial, and governance expertise.



Successful close of Tilia Fund I within a year of formally launching fundraising.