Enhancing Safety, Nutrition And Sustainability in the Global Food
Supply Chain

Values-based, Macro-driven

Tilia Scheme
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Food Safety

We believe that worldwide needs for food safety, nutrition and sustainable food delivery are inextricably linked.

The food system is a set of interconnected processes that plays an essential role in global health, providing nourishment for mass populations as well as individual homes. With global reach and increasing complexity, these systems also have significant safety and environmental considerations. Evolving consumer preferences and increasing regulatory requirements place constant demands for improvement on our global food processes.

Tilia invests behind these themes. Our mission is to enhance the safety, nutrition and sustainability of the global food supply chain. In doing so, we advance public, personal and planetary health by supporting growing companies that contribute to the safer, more nutritious and more sustainable operation of the global food ecosystem.

The backbone of the food system is the supply chain – the “to” in “farm-to-fork.”

Often unseen yet universally mission critical, the food supply chain enables the delivery of safe, nutritious and sustainable foods and requires a highly technical skillset. A dynamic and evolving space, the food supply chain is benefiting from strong macro trends and is an underpenetrated investment niche. We are solely focused on serving this fragmented, complex and expanding segment of the global food economy.




Food Supply and Safety



Who We Are

Founded in 2017, Tilia is a private investment firm, making middle market control investments in the evolving “farm-to-fork” segment of the global food supply chain.

We partner with service companies that support leading, emerging and private label brands as they adapt to marketplace trends and regulatory requirements. Through control investments and an orientation towards governance and operations, we grow distinctive companies that advance health, support resilient supply chains and serve the greater good.